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When you become an employee-partner of Cintas, you become part of our team. We all work together to drive positive financial results. Our white trucks are the iconic symbol of Cintas, but all of our employees contribute to the success of our business and our customers.

Cintas’ production employee-partners help drive exceptional customer service.

Even though they don’t interact directly with our customers, they play a significant role on our team, working with our service sales representatives to ensure they are equipped and prepared for the day’s work. They are focused on the customer, and we reward their dedication by providing competitive wages and benefits, a clean and safe work environment, and providing resources for career advancement.

Cintas’ information technology specialists help drive performance.

Working in teams where camaraderie thrives, these professionals are dedicated to customer service and pursuing technological advantages. They work with all of our employee-partners, ensuring the technology and systems we use are optimized for performance.

Our Service Sales representatives not only drive the truck, but also are the face of Cintas, visiting and servicing our customers daily.

Their goal is simple: to make customers look forward to their arrival. They thrive and rely on Cintas’ team driven approach, and understand that behind every customer visit is an accountant, human resources professional, salesperson and frontline operator working as a team.

Regardless of title or career path, all of our employee-partners play an essential role in driving the truck. We all work together as a team, and this team driven approach produces success.

Sales Careers
There is a reason we were named the #1 Service Company to Sell For by Selling Power Magazine. Find out by exploring our sales career path. more »

Service Careers
Cintas’ team of dedicated service sales representatives drive one of the largest truck fleets in North America. But they are more than just drivers. They are the face of Cintas, visiting customers daily. more »

Operations Careers
Cintas relies on dedicated production and manufacturing employee-partners to drive the operations of the company’s extensive network of distribution facilities in North America. more »

Support Careers

Every great team has great players, and Cintas’ corporate and field teams support our initiatives at our more than 400 locations and our Cincinnati headquarters. more »


The Cintas team is committed to winning, and this unified goal has earned us a spot on FORTUNE’s “Most Admired Companies” list. We also were named the #1 Service Company to Sell For by Selling Power Magazine.