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A former marine who transitioned from the military to a career at Cintas, utilizing his leadership skills in various positions throughout the organization.
Utilize your military experiences
A Cintas employee that transitioned from the military to a Cintas Service Sales Representative to a professional office partner.
Discipline, integrity, and hard work
A Cintas partner, a former Army officer, found a satisfying and rewarding career at Cintas.
Cintas eases the transition from the military

Post-Military Career Opportunities

Cintas is a major recruiter of transitioning military personnel from all branches of the service. We value your discipline, integrity and commitment to hard work. You'll find our environment to be welcoming and respectful of your experiences. Training is provided to help ensure your success. With our tremendous growth, you can enjoy various career opportunities. Cintas actively recruits veterans from all branches because they understand "the mission" and our "mission" at Cintas is to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Cintas offers an industrial, hands-on, customer-service environment and culture of front-line leadership. We offer a variety of positions nationwide to utilize your military experience such as service and plant managers, assistant general managers, maintenance mechanics, service sales representatives, administrative professionals, engineers and production supervisors — just to name a few.


To be considered for career opportunities with Cintas, you must complete an online application. To do so, please click here.

Once you have created a profile, please email our Military Recruiting Director.

See what our partners have to say:

Andy (Plant Manager, TN)

"I was lucky in that I had no trouble adjusting to civilian employment. Cintas is very big on policy and procedures, something every veteran understands. It’s the ideal company for veterans. Also, the potential for advancement is outstanding. I wanted to be a manager in three years and did it in less than two."

Dan (General Manager, CT)

"The skills necessary to lead at Cintas were definitely honed in the military, namely planning and organization, being physically and mentally fit, coaching, verbal and written feedback, accountability, showing genuine concern for your direct reports and knowing when to apply tough-minded leadership."

Amy (Office Manager, GA)

"I am in the Army Reserve and have been for 12 years. I have been with the company since December 2006. I started as an Office Administrator and was promoted to Office Manager this past September. I have really enjoyed my time here at Cintas and am excited about my new position and all the challenges that come with it. Cintas is a great company to work for and I have seen several prior service members excel here."

Lupe (Occupational Safety Instructor)

"I was an active duty Navy corpsman for 8 years and truly enjoyed the military, especially the core values and relationships. As I was entering a new civilian environment with Cintas, I felt very comfortable with the transition. I now have been with Cintas 7 years as an Occupational Safety Instructor and feel very confident about my future as a Cintas partner. I am able to provide training and wellness courses to better promote safety in the workplace as well as to develop strong relationships with customers. Being prior military sincerely helped me become a more determined, focused and professional employee."

Rob (Chief Maintenance Engineer)

"I was in the Navy submarines for four years. I used the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) and was given the opportunity to join the team here at Cintas right after my military service. Cintas has great advancement opportunities. I started out as a 2nd shift maintenance mechanic and through a few years of hard work and dedication, I was promoted to Chief Maintenance Engineer. I truly enjoy what I do for a living! Not too many people I know in my personal life who work for other companies can say that.
Cintas appreciates and rewards partners who are dedicated and work hard. A simple phrase I learned in the military and my key to success is ’Sustain Superior Performance.’"

Lisa (General Manager)

"I was very fortunate to find my way to Cintas during my transition to civilian life. I have found that Cintas takes the best of the military: camaraderie, service before self and accountability to the next level by allowing you to advance based solely on your performance and results. The potential for advancement is virtually unlimited. In my short 5 years with Cintas I have had the opportunity to lead partners as a service training coordinator, service manager and now as a general manager running my own profit center. I have truly found a home at Cintas."

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Success Fact
"G.I. Jobs Magazine has named Cintas one of the nation’s Top Military Friendly Employers for eight consecutive years."