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Cintas’ employee-partners work together to drive the company’s success and profitability. We do so in a manner that is ethical and responsible. A few years ago, Cintas launched an ambitious, company-wide sustainability effort that fundamentally changed the way we conduct business. Inspired by the waste-not ethos of our founder, Cintas’ green efforts are truly transforming the company and the communities we operate in.

How does Cintas positively impact the environment?

Every year, we conduct 14,000 wastewater tests. We currently recycle up to 50% of the wash water at many of our laundry operations, helping preserve natural resources and diminishing our need for intake water. We have invested more than $4 million in research in the pursuit of a “zero-discharge” water-recycling technology. And it doesn’t end there..

As responsible stewards of the environment, Cintas earns the genuine trust of our employees. Our simple philosophy of “doing what’s right, not just what’s expedient” fuels the sustainable spirit that has defined us for more than 80 years.


Cintas incorporates extensive recycling programs at our facilities and utilizes the latest technologies in product movement and shipment to reduce the need for packaging and waste. We donate clean, used clothing to charities that help people in developing countries and also donate used equipment for training and jobs-skills programs.



The Cintas team is committed to winning, and this unified goal has earned us a spot on FORTUNE’s “Most Admired Companies” list. We also were named the #1 Service Company to Sell For by Selling Power Magazine.