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Partners Speak Out

The following are voluntary statements from Cintas partners about how they feel working at the company and the unions' current attempts to organize Cintas partners by circumventing the democratic voting process. These are just a few of hundreds of similar statements submitted by Cintas partners.

"Unions don’t do anything for people. They want to make their way of living from our paychecks. We work for that money. Every year we are evaluated and our raises are based on our performance. If the union comes, we are going to have to share our raises with people not doing anything for us. Unions control your paycheck and only care about their dues."
—Myrna, 14-year production partner, Northeast Rental Group, whose husband was injured on his unionized job and could not get compensation because the union had not paid its workers’ insurance.

"The union acts like they are trying to make it better for us when they would really be the ones benefiting. They would come in to a company that is already well established and has good customers. They are trying to come in and take over our company that we have built and take credit for it. We work hard and take pride in our work. The union says our uniforms smell, that they are missing buttons, and have torn pockets and sleeves. That really upsets me. In fact, I’ve written a letter to the National Labor Relations Board and I collected 25 signatures asking the union to stop saying things like that about Cintas.
What could the union give us that we don’t already have? We can go to our managers about any problem. We are close — like family. We have good benefits, medical insurance, dental insurance and sick pay. I think Cintas is one of the best companies to work for. If the union came in, it would not be that way anymore."

—Annetta, 12-year partner (9-year stock room partner), Southwest Region

"My dad did a uniform route for years for Star Uniforms. I was fourteen when my dad and the other drivers went on strike. The strike lasted for four months and it cost my father his job because Star Uniform pulled out of the state of New York because they couldn’t meet the union’s demands and couldn’t afford to fight them anymore. My dad was the union shop steward but to provide for our family, he broke the picket line and went to work at another plant but it was too late.
I have been anti-union ever since. Unions are no good for families. My perspective as a child was that because of the union my family went from meat and potatoes every night to pasta! I am passionate about this issue. I have worked too hard to be able to do what I do here at Cintas for a union to come in and tell me what I can’t do."

—Tommy, 20-year partner (17-year SSR), Southeast Region

"When the company I was with before joining Cintas was attacked by a union, I started to learn more about them. As a result, I believe that unions are antiquated and have no purpose in industry today. Also, their tactics are unethical. They show up at my house and it immediately puts me on the defensive — it makes me uneasy. I shouldn’t have to worry about answering my door.
Cintas stands out. I understand the culture at Cintas. I fit into it and some outside outfit is trying to break that up. My concern is that the union will come in here and this great company will no longer be a great company."

—Tom, 6-year SSR, STC East Central Region

"I do believe that years ago the union provided job security for people. But now, they are out for themselves — not for the people. Look at how UNITE is trying to force their way in here instead of letting employees choose.
I don’t believe that there is any workplace where people agree with everything, but that’s why there are guidelines and rules to run a company. My family is unionized all the way, and from what I’ve seen, people misunderstand what the unions can and can’t do for people. They think letting a union in is going to automatically get you higher wages, which is not the case."

—Sheila, 14-year partner, Distribution Division