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Clothe the Kids
In 2003, Cintas began looking for ways to expand its global effort to help the needy around the world. Due to the nature of Cintas’ business, the bulk of our garment donations were for adults. It was then that Cintas decided more had to be done to help the children, and when Cintas created the “Clothe the Kids Program.”

Now in its eigth year, Clothe the Kids is a national Cintas initiative to collect aid for needy children around the world. Since the program’s inception in 2003, Cintas partners have personally donated more than one million articles of clothing to help disadvantaged children all over the world. That is the spirit that defines the Cintas culture.

Clothe the Kids takes place at more than 350 Cintas facilities across North America throughout the year. The aid is packaged by Cintas and distributed worldwide by Cincinnati-based Matthew 25: Ministries’ Center for Humanitarian Relief, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit humanitarian aid organization.

“Thanks to Cintas and the Cintas employees that created Clothe the Kids, we are able to put kids into school,” said Alvaro Pereria, Executive Director for the American-Nicaragua Foundation. “In Nicaragua, the kids need some sort of uniform to get into school. Without it, they cannot go to school.”

“Clothe the Kids” reflects the spirit of our culture and the character of our employee-partners. Together, we have been able to help tens of thousands of children, and we are just getting started. Cintas partner Maribel Rios said it best. “The program is important because it helps kids, especially the ones that are really in need. It says a lot about Cintas, that we are giving people – always willing to help.”

NEW - Clothe the Kids Video
Cintas partners and Matthew 25: Ministries representatives reflect on how Clothe the Kids has touched their lives as they work together to make a difference where it matters the most, in the heart and mind of a child in need. View the video
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Cintas and Community

Cintas is involved in numerous community activities both in North America and abroad. Discover our various initiatives through the
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