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Cintas has 430 facilities across North America, including six manufacturing plants and nine distribution centers.

Cintas and Our Partners

A primary responsibility of Cintas is to provide a great place to work, which encompasses several important components:

Safe, Clean Work Environments

New Cintas facilities are bright, air-conditioned and high-tech production centers with a number of innovative features to make them more environmentally friendly. Modern facilities also contribute to improved workplace safety. Cintas' overall safety record improved by another two percent in the most recent reporting year, and the company's safety record reduced 16% in the most recent reporting period. For older facilities, particularly those added through recent acquisitions, capital improvement plans are in place to methodically update sites with new technologies and improvements. Since January 2008, the company-wide Total Recordable Incident Rate has declined more than 33 percent. In addition, Cintas' Workers Compensation premiums are 21 percent better tan the industry average.

Financial Reward

In addition to competitive wages and salaries, all Cintas employee-partners are eligible to participate in the Partners Plan, which offers a combination of profit sharing, 401(k) matching contribution, and employee stock ownership. Through this program, our partners have been able to participate in Cintas' consecutive years of stability and profitable growth.

Also, at a time when healthcare expenses are continuing to increase for employers like Cintas, the company has been working to provide partners and their families with greater healthcare options, including updating plans to increase medical benefits and healthcare access. We believe our competitive salaries, attractive retirement and profit-sharing plans and practical benefit options provide our employee-partners and their families with the financial rewards they seek in today's economy.

Culture of Respect and Ethics

Cintas is a unique company with a unique culture. For more than 80 years, we have built a successful business model and a corporate culture based upon a spirit of cooperation among all our employee-partners in every part of the company.

Over the years, we have established strong feedback mechanisms that enable all our partners to express their ideas and grievances. This is particularly evident in the "Direct Line" program, which enables every employee-partner the ability to voice concerns directly to the executive level, if issues cannot be resolved at the facility level. With these programs, all concerns are addressed personally and in the strictest confidence.


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