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Union Campaign Tactics

Because Cintas will not agree to a "Card Check/Neutrality" method of determining unionization — a method that strips employees of their right to vote their conscience — the unions began a smear campaign against the company in an attempt to disrupt our business relationships and tarnish our good reputation.

Examples of these tactics included:

  • Picketing, handing out leaflets
  • Contacting our employees at home by unlawfully obtaining addresses through license plate records (Cintas employees won a lawsuit regarding this matter)
  • Filing lawsuits and unfair labor practices with the National Labor Relations Board, almost all of which were dismissed or withdrawn as not having any merit.
  • Pressuring political leaders, religious groups and suppliers to support their cause through misleading letters, visits, rallies and the spread of misinformation
  • Distributing misleading and highly sensationalized letters to Cintas customers in an attempt to disrupt our outstanding business relationships
  • Attempting to block the company’s efforts to build new plants that create many new jobs
  • Highly exaggerating and reporting outright falsehoods to the public

Since January of 2003, when the union’s campaign began, union membership in North America and at Cintas has declined. This deceitful campaign against Cintas was initiated by the unions, not our employees. An increasing majority of our employees have decided they are better off without a union and have decertified the union at their locations. We respect our employee-partners and their right to decide for themselves regarding union representation.