American Forests     
American Forests is a world leader in planting trees for environmental restoration, a pioneer in the science and practice of urban forestry, and a primary communicator of the benefits of trees and forests. It is the nation’s oldest nonprofit citizens’ conservation organization, founded by citizens concerned about the waste and abuse of the nation’s forests in 1875. The organization is proud of its historic roots in the development of America’s conservation movement and proud of the new approaches the organization has developed to help people improve the environment in the 21st Century.

The roots of work at American Forest are deep in the communities across America. Whether it is planting trees to restore ecosystems damaged by wildfire, working with cities to reverse the decline in urban tree cover or instituting a Living Classroom project at a local school everything it does is community-based. American Forests is a leading proponent of community-based forestry in the United States, providing workshops, publications and other resources to help people in communities use their resources in exciting new ways. American Forests also works with community-based forestry partners in both urban and rural areas to help them participate in national forest policy discussions.

American Forests is about action, so action is the focus of its major campaigns. Today, American Forests works hard to restore damaged ecosystems through tree-planting, and encourage people to improve rural, suburban, and urban ecosystems by planting and caring for trees, which provide important environmental and economic benefits including pure water, clean air, carbon sequestration and wildlife habitat. That's why we've established the goal to plant 100 million trees through our Global ReLeaf program by 2020.

American Forests’ Historic Tree Program brings history alive by sharing America’s stories through the oldest living things in nature. Trees witnessed important events, places and the lives of famous figures that form the roots of American history. From the last living tree planted by Johnny Appleseed – to the honey locust that stood behind Abraham Lincoln as he gave the Gettysburg Address – Historic Trees offer a unique way to connect to our past, while making a positive environmental impact on our future.