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Document Management Articles

Letter from Karen Carnahan
Can you believe another year has come and gone? As 2013 came to a close, our activity level reached an all-time high. Read entire letter.
Cintas Releases Study on the Security of Document Shredding Practices
Cintas and Ponemon Institute are pleased to present the results of a study on the Security of Document Shredding Services. The purpose of the study was to determine current practices to secure sensitive documents during the shredding and destruction process. Read more about the report’s key findings.
Good Riddance Day 2013
This past December, we hosted another successful Good Riddance Day. Partnering with the Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment for the fourth year in a row, we selected Amy Johnson and her three-year-old son, Bodey, as the winners of the 2013 Good Riddance Day Contest. Read more about events of the day.
Seven Steps to Optimizing Data Security
Technology has become a necessary part of every business, but it also brings along the threat of security risks, data breaches and leaks if not correctly managed. Organizations of every size and industry can be susceptible to a data security breach due to an absentminded employee, outdated or unprotected equipment or even old paperwork that wasn’t destroyed properly. Learn more about general steps that should always be taken as a precaution.
Case Study — Squire Sanders Saves over $25,000 a Year with Cintas Document Management
Squire Sanders is one of the strongest, most geographically diverse legal practices in the world, with 39 offices located in 19 countries across five continents. They serve clients that span every type of business, both private and public. Squire Sanders selected Cintas Document Management for its secure document storage and destruction services. Soon after, Cintas set out to accomplish the task of transporting more than 18,000 boxes of documents. Read more of this Case Study.
Letter from Karen Carnahan, Keeping Your Business Secure and Compliant
More and more often, we hear stories of organizations impacted by a security breach. Some of these companies don’t have security programs in place, but others do and just overlook areas that could be compromised. Read entire letter.
Five Digitally Vulnerable Areas you may be Overlooking in Your Business
According to a recent study by the Ponemon Institute – the pre-eminent research center dedicated to privacy, data protection and information security policy – revealed that data breaches cost U.S. enterprises an average of $5.4 million per incident in 2012. Read more about this study.
Understanding the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule
It is important to understand the major changes presented by the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule to help ensure compliance. The compliance deadline was September 23, 2013. Read more about tips for complying with HIPAA Omnibus.
Cintas Compliance Training Adds Seven New Online Courses
Cintas’ Compliance Training course library continues to grow at a record-breaking pace, with now over 100 courses offered through our cutting-edge Learning Management System. View our latest course additions.
Letter from Karen Carnahan, Shred USA® Earth Day Recap
This spring has meant document cleanouts for many of our customers. During our Shred USA® Earth Day events from April 19-21, Cintas recycled more than one million pounds of paper, which resulted in over 12,000 trees being saved. Read entire letter.
Shred USA® Results
Cintas recycled over one million pounds of paper during its free Shred USA® Earth Day events throughout the U.S. from April 19-21. Read more results from the three day event.
Make Sense of Outsourcing Shredding to Save Cents
When a record’s retention period expires, it is important to dispose of it securely as data leaks pose huge liabilities to businesses. Learn more about benefits of outsourcing your shredding and tips on selecting a shredding vendor.
How Cintas Compares to Competitors
As a result of Cintas’ knowledgeable service representatives and responsiveness, Cintas’ customers believe that they’re getting the best value. Cintas rated 47 percent higher than competitors when customers were asked about value for what they pay. Read more results from a recent survey conducted by Burke Institute.
Letter from Karen Carnahan, Host a Shred Event
The approaching tax season presents a great opportunity for community involvement. Businesses can become involved by hosting a shred event at a nearby school, credit union or even their own place of business. Read entire letter.
Tax Day Tips
By consulting with tax professionals and following tax tips, consumers help ensure compliance with the IRS while taking precautions to avoid identity theft. Read more for tax tips to protect personal information.
Preparing for HIPAA Omnibus
Since going into effect, the HIPAA Omnibus rule brings many strict regulations. Establishing a set of best practices will help clarify how patient information must be handled and help ensure that your document management practices comply with regulations. Learn more about how to stay compliant with this new rule.
Financial Institutions are Insistent on Confidential Document Destruction
Managing the destruction of customer and employee records is critical to prevent information from falling into the wrong hands. Not only can a data breach impose a major inconvenience on members of the credit union and cost thousands of dollars in fines, but it can also diminish a financial institution’s reputation and credibility. Read more on the importance of document destruction.
Letter from Karen Carnahan, New Year Shredding
The start of the year means new beginnings. We had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people begin 2013 with a fresh start as they shredded their bad memories from 2012 at the annual Good Riddance Day event in New York’s Times Square on Dec. 28. Read entire letter.
New Online Compliance Training from Cintas
For every dollar businesses spend on compliance training, they experience a 137 percent reduction in damages, settlements and fines. Learn more on how to protect your business from data loss, legal concerns and numerous potential fines.
The Cintas Lockdown™ Data Destruction Program
Beginning April 8, 2014, Microsoft will no longer provide support for Windows XP. As a result, many businesses are beginning to discard old hard drives and computers. Learn more about proper disposal and destruction techniques to ensure confidential data on old hard drives is inaccessible and protected from identity thieves.
SmartShred® Day Event Tips
Consumer fraud and identity theft are becoming an epidemic, with millions suffering every year. Learn more about how your organization can host a shred event for your community to raise awareness and promote prevention from identify theft.
Good Riddance Day 2012 Recap
Tens of thousands of people passed through Times Square on Dec. 28 to bid farewell to bad memories of 2012 in celebration of Good Riddance Day. Read more about the events of the day.
Letter from Karen Carnahan, Hard Drive Destruction
The end of the year brings a lot of activity for our team. Our most exciting announcement is regarding the recent launch of our new hard drive destruction program. Read entire letter.
Protect Your Identity Week Case Study
Letter from Karen Carnahan, Tax Season Clean Out
Spring is officially upon us. Now that you’ve finalized your tax returns and are ready to complete an office spring clean out, find out how Cintas can manage all your document management needs. Read entire letter.
After Tax Day Tips for Businesses
Every year, thousands of identity theft incidents occur around tax season. During tax season and throughout the year, it is critical to safeguard confidential data. Learn more to safeguard your sensitive information.
Earth Day by the Numbers
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans generated almost 250 million tons of trash in 2010, while recycling and composting more than 85 million tons of waste. View more recycling facts and statistics in honor of Earth Day.
Case Study – Cintas DVX Provides Spring International With Cost-Effective Data Security
Spring International, a research consulting firm based outside of Philadelphia, stores a tremendous amount of data to best serve their clients. With such large volumes of data, the risk for servers crashing and data breach is high. The firm needed a secure backup solution to protect its databases and corporate email system and selected Cintas’ Digital Vault Exchange (DVX) system. Read more of this Case Study.
Proactively Protect Your Business From Falling Victim to a Data Breach
Data breaches are costly to businesses. Not only does a data breach result in significant fines, but it can easily tarnish a business’ reputation. Bob Hoffman, Director of Imaging Sales for Cintas, analyzes common challenges businesses face when developing a digital records management program and provides strategic techniques to assist with a secure and efficient transition to keep sensitive information safe. Read more.