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Case Study — Squire Sanders Saves over $25,000 a Year with Cintas Document Management

“Cintas has been the best vendor I have ever had,” said Edward Pavese, records and docket coordinator for Squire Sanders’ Phoenix office.


Squire Sanders is one of the strongest, most geographically diverse legal practices in the world, with 39 offices located in 19 countries across five continents. They serve clients that span every type of business, both private and public, while always upholding their core standard: “deliver the services clients want, when and where they want them and with the value they deserve.” In 2013, Squire Sanders was selected as the Fortune 500 Go-To Firm by Corporate Counsel Magazine for their expert in-house legal advisement.

Squire Sanders requires an efficient document management system that allows the firm and clients to manage and access files quickly and accurately. Law practices handle critical and sensitive client information requiring a secure, reliable and compliant document management solution. To resolve conflicts and improve service, Ed Pavese would contact a call center to request their specific action. This process became increasingly difficult over time with no personal local relationship.

“Service levels slipped over time and I couldn’t even call a local contact directly to help resolve my concerns or issues,” said Edward Pavese, records and docket coordinator for Squire Sanders’ Phoenix office. “I also used to get headaches reading over the bills and there were hidden costs listed that weren’t even in our contract.”


Squire Sanders selected Cintas Document Management for its secure document storage and destruction services. Soon after, Cintas set out to accomplish the task of transporting more than 18,000 boxes of documents.

At the completion of the transfer there were approximately five thousand boxes that required retention review. During a three to four month process, Cintas provided a client access area where Edward from Squire Sanders was able to come in to identify what retention dates needed to be assigned to the containers. Cintas then labeled the boxes with a retention schedule so Squire Sanders would know when the contents needed to be destroyed and provide them with a list of boxes that were already past their retention date. The boxes that had reached their destruction date were identified and authorized for secure destruction using the Cintas SmartShred® process, which shreds documents in a Cintas mobile truck. Cintas also gathered descriptions and entered them into Cintas’ Vault in order to track the contents of each box.

Currently, Cintas provides secure and timely access to Squire Sanders’ files managed within its warehouse facility. Whether a rush request within three hours or a same-day delivery, Cintas pulls and retrieves any containers that Squire Sanders may need providing secure delivery to their site. All documents are transported with Cintas Lockdown™ in secure vehicles which use a special locking system to ensure that documents are protected.

“There have been plenty of times when Cintas delivered the boxes before the time that the attorneys and secretaries needed them, so that enables us to enhance the level of service we provide our clients,” said Amy, Records Specialist for Squire Sanders’ Phoenix office.

“We pride ourselves on delivering the promise of trust,” said Chad Bevington, Regional Business Director for Cintas Document Management. “We made a promise to Squire Sanders that whenever they need client information and whenever they need their material picked up, we’re going to be there for them. We will always deliver on that promise.”


Squire Sanders appreciates the integrity and reliability Cintas helps them provide to their clients. Cintas also allows them to spend more time with clients rather than searching for documents.

“Productivity has greatly improved through the efficient retrieval of documents, and we receive documents ahead of time or quicker than I would expect,” said Pavese. “The Cintas bills are also easy to read, and they deliver much better value for the services provided all the way across the board in every aspect.”

By using Cintas’ secure document management and shredding solutions, the client has experienced the following benefits:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity between multiple locations.
  • Savings of more than $25,000 a year in storage and retention costs.
  • A complete records management database for the lifecycle of inventory.
  • Easy to read invoicing with departmentalized billing.
  • Assurance that critical client information is not compromised.
  • A personal working partnership with above and beyond service.