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Letter from Karen Carnahan, Hard Drive Destruction

Dear Business Partners,

The end of the year brings a lot of activity for our team. Our most exciting announcement is regarding the recent launch of our new hard drive destruction program. Many computers are being upgraded to new systems. The old hard drives contain valuable and confidential information that needs to be safely destroyed. Our certified solution safely and efficiently destroys computer hard drives through a compliant recycling process, eliminating risks of data breaches and helping organizations stay compliant with state and federal disposal laws.

For this year’s Good Riddance Day Contest, we will again name a winning individual and business. To enter, businesses must submit an image or video of a cluttered office or other necessary workspace changes that includes a Cintas product, along with a 500 words (or less) essay describing why it needs to get organized in 2013. Consumers will then have the opportunity to vote for their favorite image or video. Individuals should submit a description or image of what item they would like to shred from 2012, whether it’s a bad memory, medical record or picture (such as an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend). The winners will be announced in early December.

Also, as the year end approaches, there is no better time to take an inventory of paper and digital documents and purge outdated records. We provide solutions to store, classify, image and relocate records required for retention, or destroy information no longer needed to meet business, regulatory or compliance obligations. Our experts will find a personalized solution for your document management challenges while you focus on your business. Contact your Cintas representative for assistance with year-end projects.

In this issue of the Document Digest, we’ll highlight 10 key innovations in document management, details of our new hard drive destruction program and a successful Cintas partnership. Thank you.


Karen Carnahan
President & COO
Cintas Document Management