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Letter from Karen Carnahan, Host a Shred Event

Dear Business Partners,

The approaching tax season presents a great opportunity for community involvement. Businesses can become involved by hosting a shred event at a nearby school, credit union or even their own place of business.

Hosting a shred event will help increase awareness of identity theft risks and make your community a safer place to live. These events are also used as a marketing tool to meet potential new clients and strengthen existing customer relationships.

As we approach Earth Day in April, shred days can be a great way to educate community members about sustainability. For each ton of paper recycled during Cintas SmartShred® events, 26 trees are saved. Additionally, by diverting this paper from landfills, the greenhouse gas emission savings of one ton of paper equate to removing one car from roadways for one year.

Please contact your local Cintas representative for additional tips and details on hosting a shred event at your business.


Karen Carnahan
President & COO
Cintas Document Management