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New Online Compliance Training from Cintas

For every dollar businesses spend on compliance training, they experience a 137 percent reduction in damages, settlements and fines.1 Educating employees on what is legally required is the first step in protecting your business from data loss, legal concerns and numerous potential fines.

Compliance training should be specific to your company and to the employee’s responsibility. Additionally, it should encompass all applicable laws and regulations, define them in easy to understand terms, and explain how to follow those laws in real life examples.

To help businesses reduce liability and costs, Cintas recently launched its new web-based training program. The solution offers a unique educational experience with entertaining, highly interactive content that helps educate employees on key business issues while increasing retention. Businesses can now provide their employees with engaging and effective training that makes maintaining compliance easier for everyone.

Making employee training engaging with games, recent news clips and videos can mean the difference between memorizing policies and actually understanding the policies. Testing comprehension also engages employees in understanding how to protect sensitive data.

Cintas Online Training is designed by adult-learning experts to be highly engaging so employees are more likely to remember the critical information necessary to help protect a business. The solution includes a comprehensive course library with more than 80 high-quality compliance courses which are continually assessed by attorneys and legal partners. Adult learning-oriented courses present fun and interesting material through interactive components such as iPad® and online versions, news highlights, training games and more.

Without proper records, a company can put itself at risk for fines and lawsuits because they cannot prove that the training ever took place, which is why it is important to track employee training. Tracking should include: the training subject, the date and time the training took place, who participated and test scores from each session.

The patented Cintas solution makes it easy to track training initiatives by sending employees automated reminder emails to drive high-completion rates. The custom, automatic reports shape data to meet specific comprehensive reporting needs. Scheduled reports are also sent to administrators which contain data that tracks progress and course completion.

Cintas Online Training features industry-specific courses for the healthcare, financial, legal, education and general business sectors. Courses include: HIPAA, Record Management, FACTA and PCI-DSS Compliance and more.

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