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SmartShred® Day Event Tips

Consumer fraud and identity theft are becoming an epidemic, with millions suffering every year. To raise awareness and promote prevention, many organizations offer local shred events for their communities. Shred events are designed to educate and protect community members from identity theft, while providing a safe, secure and environmentally-conscious means to dispose of their personal information. In addition to increasing awareness of identity theft risks and making your community a safer place to live, shred events offer the opportunity to meet potential new clients and strengthen existing customer relationships.

Once your organization has decided to host a shred day, reach out to your local Cintas representative to schedule a date. You can plan to host your event after Tax Day (April 15) and connect it with Earth Day (April 22). Also, this year, during ShredUSA™ (April 20), Cintas is expected to host over 100 shred events across North America. Whatever date you select, your Shred Day should be planned several weeks in advance to allow participants sufficient time to purge their tax and private documents from their home. Additionally, pre-planning gives time for your Cintas representative to help publicize the event to local media outlets.

Invite customers and local residents to bring their important documents to the event. The more attendees at the event, the greater the press and goodwill opportunities are available. All participants’ documents will be destroyed in one of Cintas’ state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks. From drop-off to destruction, all documents will be constantly monitored and protected by a certified Cintas representative. All of the shredded documents will be recycled into secondary paper products, such as paper towels and tissue paper to reduce waste and impact on the environment.

For each ton of paper recycled during Cintas SmartShred® events, 26 trees are saved. Additionally, by diverting this paper from landfills, the greenhouse gas emission savings of one ton of paper equate to removing one car from roadways for one year.

Click here or contact your local Cintas representative for additional tips and details on hosting a shred event at your business to improve your company’s image, help the environment and have a positive impact in your community.