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A/C Coils before ChemTron by Cintas HVAC Cleaning Service
A/C Coils after ChemTron by Cintas HVAC Cleaning Service

HVAC Cleaning

ChemTron by Cintas HVAC Cleaning Service combines energy saving technology with the service you trust.

The ChemTron process uses proprietary, state-of-the-art products and chemicals based on 20 years of chemical refinements. And Cintas brings a national presence with highly trained, professional technicians — all Cintas employees.

ChemTron HVAC Cleaning Service will minimize any downtime at your facility by giving you flexible scheduling to meet your needs. Plus, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

  • Lower your energy bills with a more efficient system
  • Extend the life of your A/C with regular maintenance
  • Improve the overall experience of your facility with cleaner air quality

Maximize Savings by Maximizing Your A/C Efficiency

ChemTron’s Deep Clean A/C Treatment features our exclusive, comprehensive 6-part treatment process. It’s the most thorough and complete A/C cleaning service available!

  • Complete coil cleaning — ChemTron Fin Clean is a non-acid high performing cleaner designed to react with the aluminum to work its way through
    the coils
  • Cleaning of the A/C pan — ChemTron Blow Out thoroughly cleans the pan, removing all buildup of organic materials and malodors that have formed over time
  • Drain line treatment — Drain lines are cleaned with ChemTron Blow Out, breaking up sludge and biological buildup to prevent overflow and clogging
  • Disinfect entire unit — ChemTron Sani A/C, an EPA registered disinfectant for HVAC systems, is used to disinfect the entire unit, killing mold, mildew and bacteria on contact
  • America's Best Restroom Award
  • Pan purge strip insertion — ChemTron Pan Purge is an EPA registered, non-chlorinated strip. It is replaced in the pan, fighting against re-growth of organics, keeping drain lines clear
  • Cleaning of filters — ChemTron Sani A/C is used to clean and disinfect fan coil filters. Removable PTAC filters are cleaned and sanitized, maximizing air flow and preventing premature recontamination

Maximize your environment

ChemTron’s A/C Cleaning Process has been certified as a “Green Process” by the Green Clean Institute. This Certification is based on four factors:

  • The removal of pollutants from A/C units
  • Increased efficiency in heating and cooling units
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Health benefits for allergy and asthma sufferers

Contact us and a Cintas representative will give you a free quote on how you can maximize your savings and A/C efficiency with the ChemTron HVAC Cleaning Service.