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Cintas rep with the Sanis UltraClean system. Whether you have a restaurant, auto shop or retail store, Cintas can get your restrooms ultraclean with Sanis.
Sanis UltraClean Systems
Fast, effective and impressive.
A Cintas Sanis UltraClean service rep entering a customer's restroom for its regularly scheduled restroom cleaning service for advanced bathroom sanitization.
Scheduled restroom cleaning service.
Cintas UltraClean rep using the high-pressure washer to blast away dirt on the restroom's floor that regular cleaning with mops and brushes can't get.
Blast away dirt and germs.
Cintas rep spraying a restroom's sink and fixtures with a bacteria-killing cleaning formula that breaks down disease-causing germs to effectively sanitize and clean restrooms.
Renew your bathrooms' shine.

Restroom Cleaning

Ultra Clean Restroom Cleaning Service Video

Your employees and customers deserve clean, sanitized restrooms. Your restroom is as much a part of your company as your conference room, sales area or dining room. Cintas is dedicated to helping businesses just like yours maximize return business and efficient restroom cleaning can help!

How the Sanis® UltraClean Restroom Cleaning Service Works:

Step 1

A Cintas Service Rep visits your facility on a weekly basis to deep clean your restrooms.


Step 2

Evey urinal, commode, sink and even the floor will be treated with our patented chemical process that removes bacteria and soil build-up.


Step 3

After a fresh water rinse, the water is then vacuumed away, removing with it all bacteria and soil.


Step 4

Finally, all fixtures are blown dry ensuring that the restroom is ready for immediate use.

Restroom cleaning services from Cintas can help you ensure that your restrooms are immaculate, your customers are happy and your employees can focus on the jobs they were hired for. The result is a sanitized restroom that looks and smells clean — because it is clean!




Cintas Restroom Cleaning Service

Restroom Cleaning Service


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Sanis UltraClean

What Makes a Restroom Clean?

What Makes a Restroom Clean?

UltraClean Service

UltraClean Service