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Clean Kitchen Chemical Service

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Did you know a poor health inspection rating can translate into a serious downturn in business, whereas a clean rating can increase revenue? Cintas Kitchen Cleaning Solutions saves you time, money and helps improve your kitchen’s health and safety through a comprehensive program.

Cleaning Chemicals Service – Save time, money and space with Cleaning Chemicals Service. Learn more: Cleaning Chemicals Service, Drain Line Maintainer Service.


Mat Service – Products to capture and service to remove. Let Cintas mats capture dirt and moisture from your kitchen or guest areas. Learn more.

Tile and Carpet Cleaning – Improve your floor traction and make daily cleaning easier with Cintas’ Tile & Carpet Cleaning Service. Learn more.


Microfiber Mops, Towels – Help your employees clean safer, more efficient and easier. Learn more.




  1. No upfront inventory investment
  2. Cintas surveys your operation and creates a custom floor cleaning program based on your cleaning habits
  3. Flexible programs to meet your changing needs



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