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Grout Color Seal

Grout Color Seal

Extend the life of your floors with Cintas Grout Color Seal. After tile cleaning, Cintas Grout Color Seal can improve and/or restore the image of permanently discolored grout or undesirable grout color.

Before & After Cleaning

Features and benefits

  • Restores uniform grout color that improves your floor’s appearance
  • Leaves natural looking grout texture, not painted texture
  • Available for foot traffic immediately, fully cured for cleaning within 48 hours
  • Grout is 100% non-porous — soil and dyes sit on top of the grout and do not absorb into the grout
  • Cintas can guarantee results, with maintenance options specific to your needs and capabilities


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  1. Cintas surveys your operation and creates a custom floor cleaning program based on your cleaning habits

  2. Flexible programs to meet your changing needs

     Certified Platinum

    NFSI High-Traction