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Stone Floor Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Restore your natural stone floors with our hone & polish service. Take deep clean to the next level with Hone & Polish Service from Cintas. Honing and polishing your natural stone floor can restore it back to an optimal condition, while protecting against every day wear.

Before & After

Before & After Cleaning

Features and benefits

  • Restores natural stone floors to an optimal condition
  • Removal of soil and topical coatings has an immediate impact on the image creating better uniformity and clarity
  • Services ranging from restoration to maintenance to meet each customer’s needs
  • Reduces wear patterns in heavy traffic areas
  • LEED Certified or “Green” options available
  • Extend the life of your finish with proper maintenance implementation


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  1. Cintas surveys your operation and creates a custom floor cleaning program based on your cleaning habits
  2. Flexible programs to meet your changing needs

     Certified Platinum

    NFSI High-Traction