Ready To Absorb Grease & Oil

Reduce your costs and time with reusable towels and a regular laundry service. Cleaning or replacing shop towels every time they get soiled can be time-consuming and expensive. Cintas will provide a continuous supply of reusable, freshly-laundered shop towels and a convenient means of shop towel disposal.

How The Service Works

  • No upfront inventory investment
  • Deliver fresh, clean towels
  • Flexible programs to meet your changing needs
  • How the Service Works
    No upfront inventory investment
  • How the Service Works
    Deliver fresh, clean towels
  • How the Service Works
    Flexible programs to meet your changing needs
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Features and Benefits

  • Custom shop towel program designed to fit your cleaning habits
  • High quality towels with multiple color options to choose from
  • Convenient means of disposal with Cintas service