Faster, More Reliable Fire Alarm Monitoring With CintasNet
Fire emergencies are not limited to normal business hours — they can occur at any time, even in the dead of night when your facility is completely vacant. For this purpose, it is important to have a reliable company monitoring your fire alarm panel to dispatch first responders should an emergency occur. Cintas offers a supremely reliable, lightning fast solution with CintasNet wireless fire alarm panel monitoring.

Data shows that a fire can double in size every 30 seconds that it burns — which does not give you much time to respond should a fire emergency occur. If a fire occurs when nobody is present to fight it, the facility must count on the speed of the first respondents to minimize physical damage. Emergency respondents can only arrive after they are notified by the Emergency Monitoring Station, so signal speed makes all the difference in response time and damage control.

CintasNet wireless fire alarm panel monitoring raises the bar for transmission speed, with an industry leading 1-3 second average transmission time. With the 45 second average transmission speed of hard phone line monitoring, a fire can double in size before the signal is even sent. CintasNet’s much faster transmission speed greatly reduces the risk of major fire damage to your facility.

Another of the benefits offered by CintasNet is the potential for cost reductions through the elimination of dedicated hard phone lines. Fire Code requires that alarm panels monitored via hard phone lines have two dedicated lines so that the panel can still send signals should one line go out. Facilities that are monitored this way must pay for these two dedicated phone lines on top of their monthly monitoring charge. With CintasNet, the need for two dedicated hard phone lines is eliminated — all you pay is the flat rate monthly monitoring cost.

CintasNet also brings increased transmission reliability when compared to traditional monitoring. The units on our patented mesh network both send and receive signals, which creates multiple paths that the signal can take to reach the Emergency Monitoring Station. Our central stations by COPS and Criticom Monitoring Services are backed by uninterruptible power supplies, so you can be confident that your facility’s trouble signals are being received and that first responders are notified and dispatched hastily.