Traveling Tips: Choosing a Fire-Safe Hotel
According to the National Fire Protection Association, each year there is an average of 12 deaths, 143 injuries, and $127 Million in property damage as a result of hotel fires. Follow these tips to stay safe as you travel.

Before you travel:

 - Be sure that your hotel has both an automatic fire sprinkler system and smoke alarms
 - Bring a flashlight to use in case of a fire emergency

At the hotel:

 - Carefully read the fire evacuation plan and note the nearest two exits so that you are prepared for an emergency
 - Count the number of doors between your room and the nearest exit- it will help you to quickly exit the building in a fire if visibility is poor
 - Locate the fire alarms on your floor, so you can alert other occupants in the event of a fire

If there’s a fire:

 - Take your room key with you when you leave, so you can return to your room if all exits are blocked
- Exit using the stairs, never the elevator. The elevator could stop at a floor of the building that is on fire.
 - Get low to the ground if exiting through smoke. The cleanest air will be close to the floor.

If you are trapped in your room:

 - Seal off your door with wet towels or blankets, and then make sure the heat, air conditioner, and all fans are off
 - Call 911 and alert them to your location
 - Go to your window and signal the fire department