Document Management

Cintas recycles all paper that our customers want shredded. Cintas Paper Recycling has annually saved:
  • Trees: 7,921,944**
  • Net Energy: 10,746,087 million BTUs, the equivalent of about 118,089 homes/year
  • Greenhouse Gases: 1,848,860,544 pounds CO2, the equivalent of about 167,880 cars/year
  • Wastewater: 7,543,493,854 gallons, the equivalent of about 11,422 swimming pools
  • Solid Waste: 634,351,778 pounds, the equivalent of about 22,655 garbage trucks
Learn more about Cintas document shredding and all of your Document Management Services to do your share for a better environment.

**Environmental impact estimates were made using the Environmental Paper Network Paper Calculator.