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When it comes to uniforms for mechanics and more, Cintas has you covered. Cintas' products and services are the fuel that keeps your automotive business running fast and efficient.

Cintas has enjoyed a rich history working with the automotive industry. The majority of products and services that Cintas brings to market are based upon the growing needs of your business. As an industry that is served in practically every market across North America, the automotive industry has its own set of challenges and needs that Cintas is dedicated to helping solve.

Image Enhancement

All automotive dealers and service businesses are concerned with appearances. After all, the appearance of your facilities and team reflect the services you provide. Dealers understand that if a showroom is not tidy and clean, it reflects poorly on the quality of the vehicles, and likewise if your mechanics appear slovenly, customers may perceive sloppy work from your establishment.

Cintas products and services are designed to not only keep your team looking professional at all times, but also keep your facilities in top shape to impress any consumer. Keep your customers returning with Cintas as your valued partner.

Safety Solutions

Mechanics work in some pretty extreme conditions! Extreme temperatures, tight spaces, fast-moving equipment and extreme timeframes can quickly add up to a difficult situation for your team. Cintas offers a number of automotive First Aid and Safety and Fire Protection Services to keep your team performing safely in all of these situations.

Employee Productivity

When your mechanics leave work for illness or injury, your company is in a bind. Your customers truly depend on your people showing up and being at their best. Cintas has a number of services that keep your team both at work and functioning as professionals. Whether it is First Aid Supplies to keep them healthy or comfortable apparel to reduce the impact of heat, Cintas has a number of preemptive solutions to keep your folks at their best.

Explore our recommended products and start benefiting from the expertise Cintas has committed to the automotive industry.

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