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Every year improper document management costs businesses millions of dollars in liability and lost productivity. Cintas Paper Shredding & Document Destruction services can help you implement a low-cost, secure, and compliant document shredding solution.

In order to meet our customer's high security standards, the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) certifies our Document Shredding services. Once the shredding is completed, your company will be provided with a Certificate of Destruction.

Here are the services that our Raleigh facility provides:

Off Site Shredding Services

Keep sensitive company information confidential. Our Security Consultants will customize a complete Document Shredding program for your business - no matter the size.

  • Your Place or Ours
    Secure mobile shredding or off-site document destruction at one of our nationwide locations.
  • Customized
    Flexible service plans to meet your unique security and financial needs.
  • Regular Service
    Cintas collects the documents to be shredded based on the schedule you create.
  • Containers to Suit Your Needs
    Depending on your volume, you can choose to have a secure executive container or a large wheeled container delivered to your office.
  • Not Just Paper
    Cintas shreds documents and other sensitive materials, like CDs and diskettes, by a pierce-and-tear method to meet the highest security standards.
  • Recycling
    All shredded material is 100% recycled, helping to keep the environment free of waste.

On Site Mobile Shredding Services

Cintas tech moving secure container to truck

We offer more than mobile shredding. Cintas can shred documents at your place of business, secure in your documents full destruction.

Cintas saves you time and money while reducing your risk of identity theft or fraud with document destruction services throughout Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville and surrounding areas.

Contact us and a Cintas representative will help you select on or off-site shredding and establish a schedule that is appropriate for your business.