Unpredictable issues pop-up when you least expect them, but with Cintas Managed Solutions you can always feel prepared. Our 24/7 expert customer service team ensures that when the unpredictable happens, we are there to support you with the right solution, right away.

Emergency Maintenance & Repairs

Floor Care

With a variety of floor care extraction services we help you stay Ready™ for any emergency.

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Whether its clog removal or a hot water heater, we offer a variety of plumbing services to keep you running.

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Doors and Docks

On-demand emergency services for most doors (including swinging, cabinet, roll-up and overhead doors) and locks.

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Locks and Security

We help keep you Ready, so when emergencies happen, you’re secure.

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Glass Repair

When emergencies happen, keep your building secure and your customers safe.

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Handyman Services

We stay Ready 24/7 with expert dispatch to deliver the help you need, when you need it—no matter the task.

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We help keep the lights on so you can keep working.

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Pipe Jetting

Professional drain-line and sewer cleaning to keep you up and running.

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How The Service Works

  • Contract-free program to meet your needs
  • Call one number when emergency occurs
  • Receive one invoice and company wide reporting
  • How the Service Works
  • How the Service Works
  • How the Service Works
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