Cintas Corporation and its subsidiaries seek to conduct business in a lawful, ethical, safe and moral manner in all countries in which we have the privilege to work. To achieve this purpose, we expect our vendors to subscribe to certain legal, moral, and ethical principles in conducting business. While Cintas recognizes that there are different legal and cultural environments throughout the world, the following documents are required in order to be considered as an International vendor candidate for Cintas.

Please return required compliance documents to the associated fax numbers provided below:

SOCIAL COMPLIANCE — Fax to: (513) 701-1237

*Any documents requiring a signature must be signed by the appropriate company officer, i.e., CEO, COO, CFO/President-Owner.

Requirement — Any changes in your points of business, contacts, structure, company name, ownership, etc., must be reported to us if they occur during or prior to manufacturing for Cintas.

Contact us at for more information.