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Aliante Station Casino 2009 NAUMD award-winning uniforms


The design and architectural theme of Aliante Station Casino can be described as Desert Chic. The interior colors are those of the desert - red, rust, orange and brown. Pops of lime and turquoise add excitement to the gaming floor. Cintas designed the uniform program to play into the color scape while taking cues from the current retail trends in silhouette and fabrication.

Front service attendants are dashing in ginger and tan camp shirts and pants and are kept warm in a custom camel suede car coat and cap. The front desk wears a ginger suit with tan top stitching accented with a rust striated jersey shell or dress shirt minus a tie for a casual yet chic look. Housekeeping staff is comfortable and stylish in the Cintas Velocity Collection in sand and taupe. Casino team members look hip in their custom designed and fitted micro fiber striped shirts. The stripe color in the shirts was designed to uniquely identify departments, while complimenting the colors on the casino floor. Most eye catching is the celadon Guest Services brown stripe shirt and blouse that makes this team member easy to find for the Aliante guest. The floor beverage server is hip in her brown striated jersey dress. Special care was taken to design with many body types in mind. The result is an understated chic look.

Functionality is always foremost in the design and even the smallest details make a difference. Pockets and belt loops are added where needed. Extra alteration points in the cocktail dress as well as lingerie straps make for a great fit and proper function. Accessories such as the valet hat or the tortoise shell buttons on the front desk jacket are the details that stand out and make this a truly custom look.

Aliante Station’s image as well as its corporate image is that of young innovation. Trend right is always a goal. The client constantly challenges Cintas to try new and innovative designs and fabrics. Once again, Aliante and Cintas shine. The vision that is represented by this uniform program is that of a modern collection of apparel that addresses the unique needs of hotel and casino employees without looking like a traditional uniform. Inspiration was taken from the retail market and collaborated with the color scape of the property. Aliante is a casual yet hip place to be, the uniform program expresses this in every detail. The program is unique in that it makes us all rethink the definition of a uniform.

The Image of the Year Awards, held annually by the North-American Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors (NAUMD), recognize outstanding design in the field of corporate uniforms and image apparel for those uniform programs within the United States.

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