Carhartt makes it tough. Cintas makes it easy.

More than 85 years of getting workers ready for their workday has taught us a lot. One of the most important lessons is to listen to what people tell us they want…and then find a way to make it happen. Time and again, the most sought-after brand of workwear on the planet is Carhartt. And only Cintas can deliver Carhartt in an easy, dependable, affordable rental program.

The Carhartt reputation for quality, durability and performance is unrivaled. When you provide your workers with Carhartt branded workwear, they know their company understands what makes them tick. Cintas will help you put your workers in genuine Carhartt gear, while we take care of the laundering, repair and replacement. And we can make it happen at a reasonable price, with no upfront investment from you.

Cover your workers in Carhartt quality.

How The Uniform Rental Program Works

How the Service Works
How the Service Works
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