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Cintas takes your privacy very seriously. Residents in certain U.S. States and the European Union, United Kingdom, and Switzerland may have certain rights to request information about their personal information (“PI”) or that we limit certain processing of their PI. Cintas provides this Privacy Rights Request Portal to you to help you exercise your privacy rights and submit privacy rights requests pursuant to applicable laws. Your privacy rights are defined and limited by the laws of the state in which you reside, and most state laws do not provide for making privacy rights requests. We will apply the laws of the state in which you are a resident at the time of your request. However, we may elect to process requests for residents of other states, but if and how we do so will be in our sole discretion.

We only accept requests from individuals in accordance with our General Privacy Policy [Link to the “Your Individual Rights” section of the General Privacy Policy] and State Privacy Notices [Link to “Your Rights and Choices” section of updated 2023 California Privacy Notice] and from our California Personnel in accordance with our Personnel Privacy Notice, which you may request a copy of by contacting location management and/or Human Resources. Only California residents and residents of the UK, EU, or Switzerland have the right to make a privacy rights requests relating to human resources personal information processing (i.e., job applicant, current or former employee, or independent contractor) (“Eligible Personnel”) and business-to-business customer (e.g., employee of Cintas business customer) (“B2B Contact”).

Individuals who use our website in their individual capacity for any purpose including, but not limited to, browsing or purchasing products from our online retail store, Eligible Personnel, and B2B Contacts may use an authorized agent to submit a request on their behalf, subject to our verification of the agent, the agent’s authority to submit requests on behalf of the individual, and of the requestor’s identity. Once the agent’s authority is confirmed, the authorized agent may exercise rights on the data subject’s behalf subject to the agency requirements of applicable laws.

Verification. Please select the privacy rights request you would like to make below. We will do our best to respond to your request as soon as reasonably practicable and consistent with timeframes set forth by applicable law. For some types of requests, we need to verify your identity, so please follow any verification instructions we provide to you by email. We may be unable to process your privacy rights request for lack verification if you provide the information requested in the verification instructions set forth in our identity verification email. Your rights are subject to exceptions and limitations, which we will explain in our response to your requests.

Do Not Sell/Share/Target. Under certain U.S. Privacy Laws, individuals have the right to opt-out of processing of PI for activities constituting a “sale” and/or “sharing” or “targeted advertising.” Due to technical limitations, to opt-out of selling/sharing/targeting with respect to third-party cookies you also need to click on the Your Privacy Choices [Link to Cookie/Consent Management Platform] and opt-out on each device and browser you use to access the Cintas website. To exercise your Do Not Sell/Share/Target request with respect to non-cookie PI (e.g., email address), please fill out and submit this form or follow the instructions described in our State Privacy Notice or our Personnel Privacy Notice, which you may request a copy of by contacting location management and/or Human Resources. EU / UK / and Swiss individuals must affirmatively opt in to targeted advertising, and will be given the opportunity to do so when accessing from one of these jurisdictions.

To learn more about what PI Cintas collects and how we use it, please review Cintas’ General Privacy Policy [Link to updated 2023 General Privacy Policy] and State Privacy Notice [Link to updated 2023 California Privacy Notice].

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