Sorting through hundreds of incident reports? Keeping up with OSHA logs and incident reports can cost your company time and money! Our Incident Management application is a Web-based solution designed to help safety professionals better identify, understand and correct potential hazards in the workplace. It’s ideal for mid-to-large size companies that strive toward creating a zero-incident culture.

Features and Benefits

  • Quickly identify safety risks and hazard trends in the workplace
  • Eliminate disparate and redundant paper-based recordkeeping processes
  • Lower costs associated with accidents and employee incidents
  • Save time and money in meeting OSHA compliance requirements
  • Centralizes all of your incident data into one easy-to-use system
  • Provides you a company-wide view of all your recordable and near-miss cases
  • Enables you to leverage the system’s analytics to identify hazardous trends and proactively implement corrective actions, which can ultimately prevent accidents
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