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Working in high-temperature environments is not only uncomfortable, but it can be harmful to your health. The combination of high temperatures and stresses such as physical labor, fluid loss, and fatigue can cause a variety of heat related illnesses. Heat stroke, the most severe illness, is a medical emergency with nearly 20% of cases fatal, regardless of age. With proper training and the correct precautions, most heat stress illnesses can be prevented.

By providing Heat Stress Prevention training to your employees, you can help keep your employees safe and on the job.  And, having a safe and productive workforce helps you drive down your costs and drive up productivity.


FREE Online Heat Stress Prevention Training Demo
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Cintas also offers heat stress training in DVD format. Click here to view a demo of our heat stress DVD training.

Our instructor-led emergency training programs can help you save lives - and more. Cintas is an authorized provider of American Heart Association training courses and programs.
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