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Cintas & Carhartt Cold Crew Contest
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  What is the Cintas & Carhartt Cold Crew Contest?
A:  For the past three years, Cintas and Carhartt have partnered to host a competition to honor those in the U.S. and Canada who work tough jobs in extreme winter conditions.
Q:  Who can enter the contest, and how should they enter?
A:  Anyone in the U.S. or Canada can enter the Cold Crew Contest. Contestants must submit a short essay and photo (optional, but encouraged) describing their extreme working conditions and how Carhartt is essential to their jobs.
Q:  What should be included in my essay?
A:  The essay should include a description of your job and information about your typical work day, as well as the weather conditions and the importance of Carhartt to get the job done.
Q:  What types of jobs are usually considered when picking contestants?
A:  Typically, jobs involving outdoor work in cold weather climates are ideal for this contest. Past winners have included a water treatment plant supervisor and an arborist foreman; however, everyone from postal carriers to cattle ranchers have been finalists, too. If you work hard in cold weather, we want to hear from you.
Q:  What types of photos do you prefer?
A:  High quality, close up (waist up), on-the-job photos (in JPG format) are best.
Q:  What is the deadline?
A:  The deadline for applications is midnight on February 28, 2014. Once entries close, the review process will begin and finalists will be announced within two weeks.
Q:  How is the winner chosen?
A:  A panel of representatives from Cintas and Carhartt will review the entries and select up to 10 finalists based upon the uniqueness of the stories and the quality of the materials submitted. After the finalists are selected, public voting begins on the contest website, where each finalists’ entry essay and photo will be displayed. Duplicate votes will be discarded.
Q:  What is the grand prize?
A:  The winner of the Cintas & Carhartt Cold Crew Contest will receive an all-expenses-paid trip for two to the CMA Music Festival in Nashville. In the past, top finalists have also received Carhartt merchandise, but this is not guaranteed.
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