2014-15 Cintas & Carhartt Tough Crew Contest Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the Cintas & Carhartt Tough Crew Contest?
A: For the past three years, Cintas & Carhartt have partnered on the Cold Crew Contest, honoring individuals who withstand the most brutal winter working conditions. This year, we’re doing something new – the Cintas & Carhartt Tough Crew Contest will recognize groups of people throughout North America who endure tough working conditions year round and in all types of climates.
Q: Who can enter the contest, and how should they enter?
A: Anyone in the U.S. or Canada, 18 years or older, can enter the Tough Crew Contest. Contestants should be either a supervisor or member of a crew, and he/she must submit a short essay and photo [optional, but strongly encouraged] to: www.cintas.com/toughcrew
Q: What should be included in my essay?
A: The essay should include a description of your crew – what they do, how they work together, their work ethics, etc. – giving specific examples whenever possible, as well as why they rely on durable workwear to get the job done.
Q: What types of jobs are usually considered when picking contestants?
A: We are open to all types of entries, but typically, jobs that require crew collaboration and involve tough, manual labor or harsh working environments are a great fit for this contest.
Q: What type of photos do you prefer?
A: Clear, high quality, on-the-job photos of your crew in JPG format are best.
Q: What is the deadline?
A: The final deadline for applications is midnight on April 30, 2015. However, rounds of finalists will be selected and announced in early January, March and May, so get your entries in early.
Q: How is the winner chosen?
A: A panel of representatives from Cintas and Carhartt will review the entries and select four finalists in January, March and May of 2015. Finalists are selected based upon the uniqueness of their stories and the quality of the materials submitted. After the third round of finalists is announced in May 2015, public voting will begin on the contest website, where each finalist's crew entry essay and photo will be displayed. Duplicate votes will be discarded.
Q: What is the grand prize?
A: The winning crew will receive $2,500 of workwear*.
*Please see our Rules & Regulations for details.