Gerald S.  Adolph

Mr. Adolph is a senior partner with Booz Allen Hamilton.  His primary emphasis is strategy, growth and merger businesses. Mr. Adolph leads Booz Allen’s “One Time Events” practice (mergers, spin-offs and other major transformations).

Mr. Adolph's work primarily focuses on assisting clients with strategy, growth, new business development and industry restructuring.  He has led numerous assignments in corporate growth and portfolio strategy as well as business unit growth strategy. Much of his work also deals with value chain and industry restructuring driven by technology changes, and how companies respond to these disruptions and opportunities.

In support of clients' growth agendas, Mr. Adolph has led M&A assignments, including pre deal assessments as well as multiple complex, challenging post merger integration assignments.  His teams provided pre deal candidate assessments, board reviews and communications support for the announcement.  In the pre closing period he lad efforts to create detailed integration and synergy plans.  These plans balanced external/strategic and tactical imperatives along with employee concerns and culture/organization integration.  Integration support post close focused on those areas of most need for specific clients

Mr. Adolph has held in a variety of leadership roles within Booz Allen including serving as the Worldwide Chemicals practice leader; practice leader for the Worldwide Consumer and Health business; co lead for the African American Core team; recruiting officer for Harvard Business School and for MIT Sloan. He also has served on the Booz Allen Board of Directors

Away from Booz•Allen, Mr. Adolph is immediate past Chairman of the Executive Leadership Council (an organization of senior African American managers in major US corporations) and is still a Board member.  He is on the Board of the Archbishop’s Leadership Project, a program for African American high school students.  He is on the Board of Helen Keller International and Chair of HKI’s Childsight Advisory Board. He serves on the Advisory Board for the University of Michigan's Business School.  He is also a member of the Board of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. 

Prior to joining Booz•Allen, Mr. Adolph was employed as an engineer by Polaroid Corporation in its R&D labs and later in its chemical manufacturing division.

Mr. Adolph holds a BS degree in chemical engineering and also a BS with concentration in management science/organizational psychology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He has also earned a Masters in chemical engineering from MIT, and an MBA at the Harvard Business School.

Mr. Adolph, born and raised in New York City, is a commercial and instrument rated pilot, an avid skier and tennis player, and a mediocre (but enthusiastic) golfer.  His hobbies include music and politics