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With a Cintas WaterBreak®, your employees and clients have access to filtered water in a consistently cleaned and professional water dispenser.
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A clean hydration service that saves money and reduces waste

The WaterBreak® cooler offers significant hygiene benefits. Its unique closed tank system is not open to the atmosphere which never exposes water to air until it is dispensed. This closed, sealed system keeps the unit and the water cleaner, longer and does not require sanitization of the internal components under normal operation.

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Water Service & WaterBreak System

Cintas' state-of-the-art water cooler service provides you and your employees with peace of mind, knowing that your water is filtered and always available.

  • Provide better tasting drinking water
  • Increase employee morale & wellness
  • Increase customer and visitor satisfaction
  • Convenience
  • Avoid lifting heavy bottles (can weigh 40+ lbs.)
  • Consistently cleaned
  • Closed water system for cleaner operation
  • Hot, cold, & room temperature water
  • Hot water safety features
  • 2x cooling ability compared to leading units
  • Internal cup dispenser
  • Self-draining drip tray (1.5 gallon)
  • Handsfree and Countertop versions available

Waterbreak Vs Regular Water Service

  • Water Jugs with large red x over them

    WaterBreak vs. Water Jugs

    • No heavy and hard to store water jugs
    • Flat monthly billing
    • Never run out of water
    • No more dirty dispensers and drip trays
  • Water Cooler with large red x over it

    WaterBreak vs. Water Coolers

    • Regular, free filter changes
    • No dirty drip tray buildup
    • Consistently clean, professional machine
    • Flat monthly billing

Importance of an Office Water Cooler Service

Water is an important resource, and its cleanliness and availability can influence both employees and customers. Over 4 in 5 employed Americans believe it is their employer's responsibility to provide a workplace water station that is cleaned and serviced regularly. However, 1/3 of employed Americans do not believe their workplace water station filter is changed regularly*. Cintas’ Waterbreak program includes maintenance, cleaning, and filter changes on a regular basis. Our fully managed program will bring peace of mind to you, your employees, and your customers.

*This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Poll on behalf of Cintas from July 28-August 1, 2017 among 1,081 U.S. adults ages 18 and older who are employed full time/part time

How the service works

  • Cintas representative describing service record
    Your dedicated Cintas professional will set up and install your WaterBreakwater machine.
  • Open Cintas WaterBreak unit showing drain bottle  and hot and cold water tubing
    We perform functional checks, drain the internal bottle, restock cups, clean the interior and exterior, and change the filter.
  • Employees enjoying a water break over a WaterBreak unit
    Electronic service records are updated every visit to ensure your system is maintained.


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