Can a clean floor impact customer experience that much? You might be surprised.

A Clean Floor Could Be Key to a Great Customer Experience This Winter

Customer Experience Cleanliness

A clean floor might not seem like the most exciting way to grow your business, but it can have a profound impact on the customer experience in winter.

Think of how it looks when fresh, white snow begins to gray as foot traffic increases near and around it. All winter long customers track in remnants of ice, salt and more onto your floors. Not only can these elements be damaging to your floor, but customers also notice a dirty store floor as much as they notice graying snow.

When you think about all the ways you can set your business apart from competitors, cleaning your floor is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. It’s not nearly as flashy as unveiling a new logo or launching a big ad campaign. However, given its impact on the customer experience, the effort you put into offering customers a clean floor during their visit can create a noticeable difference.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

A QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) article on restaurant and retail store cleanliness notes that 14 percent of consumers say that they refuse to re-visit stores that don’t meet their standards for cleanliness.

What you do in the weeks preceding the start of winter may help you prepare for inclement weather, as well as maintain clean floor conditions. Here are four considerations to keep in mind:

1. Hold Everyone Accountable

While only a few of your staff may bear formal responsibility for store cleaning and safety responsibilities, it’s not acceptable for anyone on your team to ignore unclean floor conditions. Train your workforce in what to look for, who to notify and where they can find supplies. Make it clear that this is everyone’s responsibility and look for opportunities to recognize workers who go the extra mile to make sure your floor stays clean.

2. Stock Up on Supplies

Stock up on the cleaning supplies and equipment you need to help you combat the rain, snow, sleet and mud. While the season may not be in full force yet, you may have a difficult time finding the supplies you need during the first winter storm.

3. Set the Stage

If cleaning supplies are normally locked away or kept in a location far from your store’s entryways, set up a mobile cleaning station or secondary storage area so that cleaning supplies and equipment can be easily accessed. This area can also serve as a reminder to employees to frequently check your floors to make sure you’re maintaining a great customer experience.

4. Schedule Cleaning

While you might be able to clean less frequently during summer months, you might need to schedule floor cleaning and maintenance more often during winter months. Consider inspecting your floors more frequently during winter months and empower your team to stop and spot-clean when necessary. Know when it’s time to do a deep clean, and make sure employees are aware of how to thoroughly and regularly clean the floors to keep them clean and presentable throughout the season.

With winter right around the corner, you have the opportunity to make your business cleaner and more attractive to customers. The investments you make now in preparation and supply purchases could set your store’s customer experience apart from the rest.

Elizabeth Kraus
Elizabeth Kraus

Elizabeth Kraus is a freelance marketing consultant located in the greater Seattle area. Author of 365 Days of Marketing and 12 Months of Marketing for Salon and Spa, she publishes marketing calendars annually for local small business, salons, restaurants, realtors, and others.