Nowadays, hotels are providing customers with unique, personalized experiences.

Customer Experience in Hospitality: Selling Experiences Over Rooms

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Here are some tips on how you can enhance the customer experience in hospitality, allowing you to distinguish your hotel from the rest.

As time goes on, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for hotels to distinguish themselves from their competitors. In an effort to address this hospitality industry trend, many hotels are starting to create increasingly personal, tailored experiences for their guests. As A review and future directions of brand experience research points out, providing this type of improved “brand experience” allows you to build a better relationship with your customers. Here are some tips on how you can enhance the customer experience in hospitality in order to distinguish your hotel from the rest.

Providing a Unique Experience

According to Deloitte, there are five areas in which hotels can seize opportunities to offer their guests a memorable experience. By playing the role of Curator, Matchmaker, Neighbor, Architect and Choreographer, you can be one step closer to meeting your customer’s needs and expectations. As Deloitte defines these roles, you should try to serve as an integrator of the following areas:

  • Experiences: Form external partnerships and offer a variety of environments that delight your guests and allow them to explore new experiences.
  • People: Encourage your guests to forge connections with both your brand and other guests.
  • Cultures: Use your hotel as a portal into the local community and the culture outside its doors.
  • Space: Create multi-purpose spaces both inside and outside of your hotel. Try to offer more flexibility to your current guests — while at the same time serving your new customers — by thinking about your hotel as more than just “heads and beds.”
  • Processes: Try to become both a virtual concierge and a logistics guru so that you can provide your customers with a seamless and convenient experience.

Some Hotels That Are Leading the Way

Are you wondering about how you can distinguish your hotel from the rest? Get inspired by these hotels that are enhancing the experiences they offer their guests:

  1. Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts offers its guests over 40 different “Extraordinary Experiences,” such as the opportunity to learn the art of Thai boxing during a stay in Koh Samui. The hotel chain even offers a Private Jet Experience, which allows guests to have about seven day’s worth of Extraordinary Experiences at several Four Seasons Locations around the world.
  2. The brand Canopy by Hilton offers its guests a host of surprising extras such as welcome gifts, themed “foodie bags” and evening tastings of local wines, beers or spirits — on the house.
  3. EVEN Hotels by IHG strives to prioritize wellness by establishing a place where travel doesn’t have to be a disruption to a guest’s routine. The hotel chain offers a slew of unique perks, such as natural eucalyptus-fiber bedding, work out equipment in guest rooms and spa-inspired bathrooms.
  4. Marriott’s affordable and design-conscious Moxy brand defines itself as a “boutique hotel with the social heart of a hostel.” They say it’s a “free-spirited place where you can do all that crazy fun stuff you’d never think of doing at home, together with likeminded spirits you’d otherwise never have met.” In an effort to increase the fun factor, this brand offers perks such as bars that are open 24/7, games and secret hiding places.
  5. At Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Hotels, customer rooms are called “chambers,” and guests get to take advantage of preferential treatment that they can design themselves. “Because who doesn’t want a mini-fridge stocked with your favorite chasers or a Chicago-style dog treat for your puppy?” queries the website. “We’ve tossed aside the typical hotel rewards game. In its place we’re rewarding you with exactly what you want — all you need to do is tell us. This is your hotel; run it as you wish.” In order to offer this unique experience, Virgin Hotels provides members with an online platform through which they can specify their unique preferences.

As the hotel industry has evolved, times and expectations have changed. In an effort to prioritize the changing customer experience in hospitality, you should strive to offer new brand experiences that will allow you to please your guests and increase your overall brand loyalty.

Leslie Lang
Leslie Lang

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