Clean floors lead to a customer perception of quality.

Is it Time for a Deep Floor Cleaning?

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Proper floor cleaning improves your customers’ experience and can help boost return business.

Every retail business or outlet needs a deep floor cleaning at one time or another. It not only offers a fresh look to your commercial setting — which in turn impresses current and new customers alike.

A customer’s first impression is equally important. Customers will notice stains, yellowing, accumulated dust and grime, and more. As a result, they will likely draw certain negative conclusions about the quality of your products or service. There’s too much at stake to risk putting off an annual or semi-annual deep cleaning of your commercial premises. Here’s a quick look at warning signs that your floors are in need of a professional floor cleaning:


If you have carpeting in a high-traffic area, such as the entrance or walkway to a reception area, chances are good that there are signs of wear and tear. Deep cleaning of carpets maintains a pleasant appearance for customers (and removes off-putting odors), while also acting to prevent a breeding ground for odor causing bacteria. As the carpet pile gets steadily walked on, day after day, wear patterns begin to show. Soon the difference in appearance between these wear patterns and other areas with much less foot traffic becomes visible to the naked eye.

Carpets are also susceptible to stains. These can occur as a result of fluids or other substances spilled by employees, delivery people and customers. As time goes by, the stains settle in and become eyesores that can’t be hidden. Just as bad are potential odors arising from food or fluid stains, and no business owner wants customers walking in the door and instantly encountering an unpleasant smell. Stains from white salt, also known as snow melt, which is used to prevent slips and falls on melted snow and ice, cause white stains in heavy traffic areas, such as an entrance way or a reception lobby. Not only does it lead to a better overall appearance, but deep cleaning also extends the life of your carpet, which can be reduced by as much as 30 percent without deep cleaning, according to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)


With proper maintenance, wood flooring can last a long time and hold up under heavy foot traffic, but superficial cleaning can’t address the damage to a wood’s luster over time. People notice a dull-looking floor (as opposed to a glossy floor) when they see it, but you may not notice the steady depreciation. Take a close look and be objective when deciding if the time has come to give your wood floors some TLC.

Other common damage to wood flooring includes scratches, scuffs and nicks to the surface, as well as a steadily increasing amount of grime. Your employees’ shoes — not to mention the footwear of delivery personnel and customers — inevitably bring in dirt and other materials from the outside, all of which wear into the wood over time. This wear and tear can be seen as the floor yellows or the wax finish starts flaking. Damage to wood finish also occurs when heavy equipment, furniture and other objects are rolled across the surface. Unsightly dents are common, particularly when minor damage is left unrepaired for long stretches of time.


In recent years, ceramic flooring has become increasingly popular in commercial settings. Its durability, relatively low cost and sustainable materials (clay and sand) make it a desirable option for businesses. But wear and tear over the years can take its toll on ceramic flooring — stains and grime collect over time and get trapped in tile pores and grout lines. Moisture also damages the appearance of ceramic tiles and can even cause your tile to become more slippery. According to NFSI, deep cleaning your tile and grout can increase the coefficient of friction by up to 35%.

Regardless of the type of flooring you have in your place of business, it’s both economical and a good customer-service policy to have the floors deep cleaned at least once a year. Your employees will appreciate it and will your customers.

Lee Polevoi
Lee Polevoi

Lee Polevoi is an award-winning business writer who specializes in the challenges and opportunities facing small businesses in the U.S.A former senior writer at Vistage International (a global membership organization of CEOs), Lee regularly contributes articles, white papers and blog posts to a variety of small business websites, including Paychex, Intuit Small Business, ADP, Hewlett Packard's™ The Pulse of IT, Catapult Groups, Avalara TrustFile and many others.