After getting a good night of sleep, your body needs be refueled and replenished with a nutritious breakfast.

10 Quick Breakfast Ideas That Get You Ready for Your Day

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After getting a good night of sleep, your body needs be refueled and replenished with a nutritious breakfast. Here are 10 quick breakfast ideas.

After getting a good night of sleep, your body needs be refueled and replenished with a nutritious breakfast. Luckily, there are many healthy, quick breakfast ideas that will get you ready for your day. Foods that are high in protein help generate sustainable energy, while “good fats” provide energy, help absorb vitamins and lower blood cholesterol. Finally, good carbohydrates help raise and maintain mental energy.

There are many pre-made breakfast options on the market, such as granola and protein bars, cereals, muffins and pastries, but they’re highly processed and full of sugar or unhealthy fats. “They’re essentially desserts disguised as breakfast foods,” according to Erica Kolcz of UHA Health Insurance. These 10 healthy, quick breakfast ideas recommended by expert nutritionists will help you avoid those unhealthy options.

1. Oatmeal

For a healthy twist, try making your oatmeal with skim milk or almond milk. Then, top the oats with half a banana, a small handful of almond slivers and blueberries, which have powerful antioxidant properties.

2. Whole-Grain English Muffin

Top your English muffin with organic chunky peanut butter, and then add strawberry or banana slices. This healthy meal will keep you full and energized until lunch.

3. Hard-Boiled Egg and Toast

For a quick and tasty breakfast, have one hard-boiled egg and a slice of whole-grain toast with almond butter and cinnamon.

4. Scrambled Eggs

The great thing about scrambled eggs is that you can really get creative in terms of which ingredients you add. For a healthy and hearty breakfast, add onions, bell peppers, spinach, tomato, mushrooms and a light layer of cheese. (This meal takes a bit more time than the others, but it’s also a great way to use up leftover veggies.)

5. Whole-Grain Cereal

Add blueberries, apple slices or half a banana to a bowl of whole-grain breakfast cereal. Pour in unsweetened almond milk, and breakfast is served.

6. Yogurt and Berries

For a perennial favorite, start with nonfat Greek yogurt, and then mix in berries and a dash of whole-grain, high-fiber cereal.

7. Breakfast Smoothie

For a quick and delicious way to start your day, whip up a smoothie with almond milk, powdered peanut butter, and frozen strawberries, bananas or cherries.

8. Sweet Potato Hash

For a healthier approach to hash browns, replace white potatoes with sweet potatoes. Add diced onions and peppers, egg whites (or egg substitute) and a side of whole-wheat toast.

9. Breakfast Sandwich

Why not create your own healthy version of a classic breakfast sandwich? Start with a whole-wheat English muffin, and then add a fried egg (or egg white), cheese and avocado slices.

10. Eggs, South-of-the-Border Style

For this Mexican-inspired dish, scramble up some eggs, add slices of avocado and a splash of salsa, and then place the mixture inside a soft tortilla.

Share these quick breakfast ideas with your coworkers, and try to spread the word about starting your day with a healthy meal. Jessica Toussaint at ShapeUp even suggests having a “rotating weekly breakfast” at work, with different teams being responsible for a once-a-week, healthy breakfast dish that everyone shares. “This way, everyone gets to try a new meal each week, and the rotating schedule allows everyone to contribute without feeling overburdened,” she explains. Before you know it, you and your coworkers will all be starting your day off on the right foot with a quick, healthy breakfast.

Lee Polevoi
Lee Polevoi

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