Choosing the right time management app can aid you significantly in better managing your time.

4 Time Management Apps to Help Give You More Time

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How can you find the right time management apps that will work for you and keep you on track? Here are four of the top apps for productivity.

How many times has the thought, “I wish there were just more time in the day,” crossed your mind? In this digital era, there are many apps and programs that can help you manage your time effectively. The best time management apps can really help you harness the power of your smartphone, tablet or computer to help you keep track of where your time goes and start using it more wisely. They help you track your calendar and to-do list, track the time spent on projects, monitor scheduled check-ins with employees and reduce distractions. The time management apps that you will find the most useful depend on your specific needs. Below are four highly touted apps that address a myriad of business — and personal — needs.

Fantastical 2

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You may use Yahoo for personal use, Outlook for work, Google calendar for miscellaneous responsibilities and your phone calendar for everything in between. If you have an iPhone, the Fantastical 2 app enables you to sync all your calendars into one. It even integrates with Facebook events.

This app, which, according to iTunes, is a 2015 Apple Design Award winner, is basic and easy to use. You can type in your to-dos and receive reminder alerts at the designated time. You can also use dictation to record events in the app’s calendar. In addition, Fantastical 2 has an attractive, aesthetically appealing user interface that makes it more fun to use than your regular calendar.


RescueTime runs in the background and monitors the time you spend on various sites or in applications and then provides you with detailed reports of your activity. You can install it on both your mobile device and computer. According to Fast Company, if you continually keep email open or spend too much time on Facebook or Twitter, you can monitor your “bad habit” with RescueTime.

This app does not solely focus on the negative. RescueTime also tracks your productivity: It goes a step further to enhance productivity and better manage your time by allowing you to set time limits and automatically block those distracting sites when your limit expires.


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TSheets is a time-tracking app with a GPS component. If you have multiple locations or mobile employees, this app will enable you to readily monitor your employees’ activities from your office. It can be used on a computer, mobile phone or tablet. When your personnel clocks in, you can confirm that they are actually where they are supposed to be and not still on the road or at the wrong location.

TSheets includes scheduling and alerts so you can stay informed regarding whether your sales, delivery or service personnel arrive at their destinations by the appointed time throughout the day. In addition, this app integrates with most of the accounting software that small business owners use to track payroll, including QuickBooks, Sage and ADP. According to TSheet’s website, this app simplifies payroll, job costing and invoicing — thus, it saves you time and money.


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Toggl enables you to track your projects and the time you spend on each project. If you run a business that bills customers based on the time spent on their projects, this is an excellent time management app for you because it allows you to track time on the go. You no longer need to be tied to the timer on your desktop or to carry around a pen and notebook to track the time. In addition, you can color code projects and divide teams into user groups.

Toggl can be installed on all project-based employees’ phones and will sync the information, showing the total hours worked by everyone. It also continues to track offline and sync these hours when you are back online so you don’t need to worry about unavailable Wi-Fi or spotty cellular coverage. The app also produces detailed reports, allowing you to have full visibility into projects for project monitoring and billing purposes.

Most of these apps are free or are free for a limited number of users. However, even after surpassing the pay threshold, the apps are highly affordable. They range in price from a $5 flat fee to $24 per month and higher, depending on the number of users. Except for an integration of TSheets with your company’s payroll or accounting software, the set-up and usage for all range from extremely easy to relatively simple. What could your business do with a little extra time?

Tiffany C. Wright
Tiffany C. Wright

Tiffany C. Wright is the author of The Funding Is Out There!, Access the Cash You Need to Impact Your Business and Solving the Capital Equation: Financing Solutions for Small Businesses. She is the founder of The Resourceful CEO, which helps owners of small/medium-sized businesses prepare their businesses for sale. Tiffany has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, sits on non-profit boards and serves as a business mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation.