Green cleaning products are the right decision when trying to make your business more sustainable.

Choosing Green Cleaning Products: Benefits and Best Practices

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Using green cleaning products for your building maintenance and upkeep can make a big environmental impact. Here’s what you should know.

If you’re dedicated to sustainability, you should always be evaluating new products and practices to elevate your company’s commitment to green initiatives. Using green cleaning products is one way you can make a big environmental impact with little effort. Caustic chemicals used in everyday cleaning products can be harsh for employees, and they have the potential to negatively affect the water system. Here’s what you need to know about green cleaning products.

Why Should You Go With Green Products?

Employees and customers will be grateful for your switch to green cleaning products. Using a green alternative to the average glass and multisurface cleaner, for example, will make a positive impact on the overall quality of your facility. Green products can be just as effective as products with harsh chemicals, but without the harsh chemicals. You’re also making the responsible decision of preventing those harsh chemicals from being flushed down the drain. In other words, you can still make a positive impact on the environment without sacrificing effectiveness.

In addition to making a positive impact on the environment, your commitment to sustainability can also affect business outcomes: customers have a greater respect and trust for businesses that practice corporate social responsibility. Sticking to the goal of sustainability will align your business efforts with those goals, and your customers will take notice.

Choose Products With Green Seal Certification

When cleaning products are certified by Green Seal, you can be confident that they meet health and environmental standards. Why trust Green Seal products over other cleaning products that claim to be environmentally friendly? With a 25-years history of evaluating sustainable cleaning products, Green Seal is a trusted stamp of approval for green cleaning products.

Going with Green Seal-certified products is also an easy way to make the transition toward eco-friendly cleaning products — just look for the Green Seal symbol. This will remove any potential confusion when choosing cleaning products for your facility. Many products claim to be eco-friendly, but they’re not all what they claim to be — the Green Seal tells you that the product can be trusted.

You might even want to take your sustainability practices a step further and hire a professional cleaning crew to come in a few times a month. This gives your regular employees the ability to stay focused on their own tasks.

Choosing green products for your facility is one of the best ways to maintain a business dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility, and knowing that your business practices protect the environment and your workers will be a motivator for both current and prospective customers.

Tiffani J. Purdy
Tiffani J. Purdy

Tiffani J. Purdy is a freelance writer and editor based in Tampa, Florida. Her areas of expertise include green business trends, lean management styles and workplace health and safety standards. She has also been the Assistant Editor for MUI Daily News since 2014.