• Stay stocked and prepared with Essential Cleaning Supplies

    Essential Cleaning Supplies

    Being stocked up on must-have supplies is important, especially given today's increased demand. You can be sure that the Cintas supply chain is unparalleled in the industry, with strong manufacturer relationships that allow us to quickly and consistently replenish even the hardest to find products, right when you need them.

    • Hand sanitizer

      Hand sanitizer

      Help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria with an ample supply of hand sanitizer. Available in multiple dispensing options, our fast-acting Germ-X formula kills 99.9% of bacteria and is gentle enough for everyday use.

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    • Cleaning chemicals

      Cleaning chemicals

      Forget unnecessary trips to the store and clean efficiently with chemicals dispensed at the touch of a button. Proper dilution provides optimal cleaning results, and also helps you save money by not overusing product.

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    • Disinfecting & sanitizing wipes

      Disinfecting & sanitizing wipes

      No need to waste time shopping, ordering or stocking. With our scheduled replenishment, disinfecting & sanitizing wipes are always readily available — in a fast-acting, alcohol-free formula that evaporates quickly with no mess.

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    • Restroom supplies

      Restroom supplies

      Make sure your customers and employees aren’t frustrated by empty restroom dispensers. Our routine weekly delivery keeps your business fully stocked on necessary supplies, including hand soap and paper products.

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    • Disposable gloves

      Disposable gloves

      Industrial-grade Nitrile gloves are essential for many businesses right now. With our glove service agreement, you can select the sizes and quantity you’ll need to help ensure you’re always prepared.

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    • Disposable face masks

      Disposable face masks

      Having clean masks for your employees on site is imperative, and Cintas makes it easy. With our managed service and scheduled delivery of disposable masks in packs of 50, you’ll never have to worry about running low again.

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  • Gain peace of mind with Hygienically Clean Laundering

    Hygienically Clean Laundering

    With our professional laundering process, you can feel confident knowing our method results in hygienically clean garments, microfiber mops and face masks — with textiles washed in temperatures of more than 140 degrees, using a formula proven effective at eliminating many delicate virus strains.

    • Uniforms


      Eliminate the need for washing workwear at home with our professional laundering and scheduled delivery. Plus, you’ll ensure that your employees can change into clean garments more often, with extra sets of uniforms on hand.

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    • Scrubs


      Meet high standards with a hygienically clean wash process that follows CDC guidelines and reduces the presence of microorganisms. You’ll also eliminate contaminant transmission that can occur when staff travel to and from work in scrubs.

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    • Isolation Gowns

      Isolation Gowns

      Promote a clean healthcare environment with reusable isolation gowns. These non-surgical gowns are washed and dried separately from other textiles and then bundled, poly-bagged and scanned for wash-life history.

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    • Microfiber mops

      Microfiber mops

      Remove 99.9% of surface contaminants in a fraction of the time with our exclusive Rubbermaid® ultrafine microfiber — washed separately from other textiles in a formula compatible with CDC guidelines.

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    • Fabric face masks

      Fabric face masks

      Make it easier for your employees to change into a fresh mask at any time. They’ll simply deposit their worn masks in a secure soil bin, which is picked up every week when clean, laundered masks are delivered to your facility.

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  • Achieve a new level of confidence with On-Site Ultraclean Services

    On-Site Ultraclean Services

    Promoting cleanliness and safety starts with taking steps to help eliminate germs and bacteria in your facility. Our innovative on-site services are specifically designed to help you do that, by utilizing a process that traditional cleaning methods and tools simply can’t achieve.

    • Cintas UltraClean® restroom cleaning

      Cintas UltraClean® restroom cleaning

      Keep your restrooms sparkling clean and sanitized. Our thorough high-pressure deep cleaning removes soil and substantially reduces bacteria, helping to decrease cross-contamination.

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    • Electrostatic Disinfectant Service

      Electrostatic Disinfectant Service

      Put customers and employees at ease with a revolutionary service that applies a broad-spectrum disinfectant to identified touchpoints — killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria on applied surfaces.*

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      *Services offered may vary based upon service location. Customer is responsible for pre-treatment of identified services prior to application of disinfectant.


Essential Cleaning Supplies + Hygienically Clean Laundering + UltraClean On-Site Services combined give you total confidence that you're providing a clean, safe environment for your employees and customers.

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  • Electrostatic Disinfectant


  • Restroom Cleaning


  • Hygienically Clean Uniforms



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