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A female Cintas employee partner hanging shirts in a Cintas distribution center.
At Cintas every employee is a partner.

Labor Philosophy

At Cintas, we respect our partners’ freedom to choose union representation. We equally believe that unions should respect people’s right not to be unionized.

We have always respected our employee-partners’ decisions regarding unionization, and currently have several groups of employee-partners who are members of a union. In these situations, we work to create as positive a working relationship as allowed within the current labor regulations.

However, we work hard to provide great places to work, wages and benefits that are almost always equal to or above our competitors, and a culture based on respect and ethical standards. We think this is a big reason why almost all of our 30,000 employee-partners have chosen not to join a union and why 53 groups of employee-partners since 1981 have voted to discontinue their union relationships.