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Workplace Safety Tips

A comprehensive first aid program specifically designed for your worksite is vital to maintaining a safe, compliant workplace.

Cintas can help you define and implement the right safety solutions and training for your workplace as part of a comprehensive safety management system. Use these tips to help you create your own first aid program.

Assess and evaluate all hazardous risks specific to your workplace.

Each of your employees, depending on their job function and work environment, will have different hazards associated with their jobs. All potential injuries must be considered in order to create an effective first aid program. Obtaining estimated EMS response times for all of your locations will help you determine the types and amounts of first aid supplies and first aid training for your business.

Equip your facilities with readily accessible first aid supplies and equipment.

Accidents occur in the workplace everyday. Make sure your business is equipped to handle all of the injuries that may occur. All worksites should have well-stocked first aid kits on hand. Sudden cardiac arrest can happen at any time. Every workplace should consider an AED program that can greatly increase victims’ survival rates.

Prepare and train your employees for proper emergency response.

Companies should assign and train employees in the proper first aid skills suitable to their workplace. Prompt, properly administered first aid may mean the difference between life or death. CPR training and AED training programs teach valuable, life-saving emergency response skills. First aid training should be regularly updated and refreshed at least every 6 months to ensure adequate preparation.

Protect your business, employees and customers in the event of a disaster.

Cintas can equip your facility to respond to most on-the-job accidents and injuries; however some things may be beyond your control. This is why Cintas has identified Nationwide Insurance® as a trusted resource for business insurance. Nationwide offers a variety of insurance options to help cover the specific risks that may impact your business, including Business Property Insurance, Business Liability Coverage and Business Auto Coverage.

Take the first steps towards making workplace safety a priority for your organization.

Request more information to have a Cintas First Aid & Safety consultant assess the specific needs of your workplace and recommend the most effective safety measures for your company.