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Wichita, Hutchinson, Derby

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Work Uniforms and Apparel

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Apparel to fit every employee and every budget

Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, we at Cintas of Wichita can tailor a Uniform Rental Program to fit your budget and needs.

Unlike some other uniform companies out there today, we focus on contemporary retail-inspired rental uniforms for both men and women.

Our women's uniforms have been designed with a woman's body in mind, and we keep up with today's styles because we know image is everything.

Uniform Rental Service

Rental uniforms your employees will want to wear every day

With a full-service Uniform Rental Program there is no laundry to do, no uniforms to buy and no repairs or maintenance to waste your time and money. We work throughout Wichita, Hutchinson, Derby and surrounding areas.

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When you begin a uniform rental program with Cintas of Wichita:

  • No upfront capital is required because you do not have to buy the uniforms.
  • Uniforms are individually fit for each employee to ensure the right look and fit.
  • Week after week, we pick up your soiled uniforms and deliver professionally cleaned ones.
  • Week after week, we pick up your soiled uniforms and deliver professionally cleaned ones.
  • If the size of your work force increases, we add additional uniforms.

Lease Uniforms

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Uniform leasing programs that are cost-effective and efficient

If you are considering leasing uniforms for your employees, you understand that a good impression is important for your business. Cintas offers a leasing program that is cost-effective and efficient. Although the individual employee is responsible for cleaning the garments, we take care of size changes, repairs, replacements and initial outfitting of your entire staff.

A full-service uniform program from Cintas will take care of your employee's daily wardrobe hassles, and it costs less than it would cost to buy an employee a cup of coffee and a doughnut each day.

Our qualified Cintas representatives are standing by; let us help select the best program for your needs.