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Cintas fire alarm systems can help detect a fire early, which can mean the difference between losing everything and keeping loss and damage to a minimum.
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Detecting a fire early can mean the difference between losing everything and keeping loss and damage to a minimum. That’s why it pays to count on Cintas for your alarm panel inspections. Cintas can also monitor your alarm systems with a direct link to local EMS through wireless communication that provides up to 15x faster signal speed for quick emergency response.

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CintasNet© Alarm Monitoring

  • Delivers faster signal transmission speed 1 to 3 seconds compared to 45 seconds for standard fire alarm monitoring.
  • Enhances reliability Our patented mesh network technology that creates multiple paths for an emergency signal to reach first responders.
  • Reduces monitoring costs Since your panel is linked to your local EMS without telephone line charges, cellular charges or tower-based private radio fees.
  • Helping you keep your equipment ready Many fire suppression systems require periodic testing and service to continue functioning properly.
  • Promotes safety Having your fire suppression systems properly serviced and functioning can help you save property and lives during a fire.


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*Services listed are not a comprehensive list of all fire protection services. The services that Cintas offers locally may vary depending upon your service location.