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Keep your eyewash station READY™ with Cintas' industry-exclusive Safety Director™ eyewash cleaning system.
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There’s a lot that’s beyond what we can all control right now. But one thing you can offer your employees and customers is the reassurance that comes with essential first aid and safety supplies, offering protection now and in the future. You may not know exactly what’s coming next, but someday soon, we will find our new normal. Whether your team is working straight through the crisis, or you’re getting your business Ready™ to open again, we can help you lay the groundwork for welcoming your community with gloves and masks for your employees that support protection for everyone.

Our First Aid & Safety team is here for you: from van-delivered PPE, to stocked and prepped first aid cabinets, we’re Ready.

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Safety Director Eyewash Station Service

The Safety Director™ cleaning system, combined with the knowledge and expertise of our dedicated service professionals, helps ensure that your free-standing or portable eye wash station is properly cleaned and serviced.

  • Drain, rinse and refill of your eyewash station with fresh water and an antimicrobial preservative solution
  • Sealed eyewash with tamper evident seal to ensure compliance
  • Monthly inspections with signed eyewash inspection tags
  • Eyewash stations scanned and barcoded with handheld computer for documentation of inspection
  • Customized service inspection every 90-120 days
Green Cintas Safety Director™ portable eyewash station

Cintas Emergency Showers

Orange Cintas All-In-One Emergency Shower and Eyewash station

React fast to contamination with Emergency Showers. For full-body, skin, or immediate emergencies, these showers follow OSHA and ANSI guidelines. Keep your workers safe and reduce hazards with Cintas safety shower stations. These units come with both the emergency shower and eyewash station included.

  • Wash head & body that has contacted hazardous materials
  • On-the-spot decontamination where you need it
  • Minimize injury and workplace incidents quickly and with ease
  • High-visibility orange covers to ensure immediate recognition in emergency situations
  • Combination eyewash and safety shower for dual-purpose use
  • Stainless steel and chrome-plated brass fittings for lasting effectiveness

Emergency Wash Products

Cintas provides multiple types of emergency shower and eyewash stations to address the specific needs and layout of each of your departments.

Types of Eyewash Stations:
  • Standalone / Self Standing
  • Plumbing & Sink Mounter
  • Wall Mounted / Gravity Fed
  • Eye & Skin Wash Bottles / Supplemental Stations
Types of Emergency Showers:
  • Self-Contained
  • Drench hose
  • Deluge Shower

How the service works

  • Cintas representative explaining eyewash station service
    Cintas can help with all your eyewash needs.
  • Installed Safety Director eyewash station
    We will install your Safety Director eyewash stations.
  • Cintas representative updating the service record of a Safety Director eyewash station
    Every quarter we will service your eyewash stations so they are are ready to use when needed.


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