Garment Inventory Management

Accurate tracking of your uniforms throughout the service process


Missing shirts? Lost aprons? Dealing with lost and misplaced apparel can waste time and slow you down as you’re getting Ready for the Workday®. TruCount from Cintas scans and tracks every item in your apparel program. From the time garments are turned in to be laundered, to when they are returned crisp and clean the following week, you’ll know where your team’s workwear is. Every Cintas apparel customer is automatically enrolled in TruCount, so you can rest easy knowing your employees have what they need. 


Uniform TruCount Steps


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How the Rental Program Works

Simplicity leads the way in our managed workwear program.
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The Cintas Difference

What truly makes the Cintas Difference isn’t just what we do. It’s how we do it.
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