Commercial Floor Mop Services

How A Commercial Mop Service Works

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No upfront inventory investment

Step 2 Mop Delivery


Replacement of dirty mop heads with freshly laundered ones

Step 3 Meet Your Needs


Your staff has clean mop heads when they need them


  • Microfiber Tube Mop

    • Clean more efficiently with the Cintas Microfiber Tube Mop.
    • Cleans up to 20% faster than string mops by eliminating trips to change water
  • Microfiber Flat Mop

    • Make spot cleaning easy and efficient with the Cintas Microfiber Flat Mop.
    • Removes 80% more dust and dirt than traditional mops.
  • Dust Mop

    • Create a custom dust control program for your company.
  • Heavy Duty Wet Mop

    • Have clean wet mops every week.
Pulse Mop cleaning lobby floor

Pulse Mop

The Pulse Mop picks up more dirt and germs than a standard cotton mop.
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Dual Chamber Mop Bucket Being Filled with Water

Dual Chamber Mop Bucket

Reduce cross-contamination by separating dirty water from cleaning chemicals.
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  • Products to capture and remove soil and moisture from your floors.
  • Professionally cleaned on a weekly basis to maximize product effectiveness.
  • Regularly scheduled service visits to remove dirt and soil from your building.
  • Eliminates maintenance costs associated with cleaning and replacing mops, saving you money.
  • Convenience of a single source supplier that offers a comprehensive floor program.
  • Managed inventory program eliminates “trips to the store”, saving you time and labor cost.

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